5 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

by Guest - 16th August 16

Guest Blog Post By: Katherine Kilpatrick, Accommodation Marketing Manager 


Here are my top 5 tips that might just help you get a better night’s sleep…

1. Exercise bright and early

It can be hard to time your gym time with your career time, family time, social time and more, but believe it or not, making sure you schedule it in appropriately can have a real benefit on getting some quality zzzz’s! When you have a hard workout, it releases adrenalin so keep those for the morning and more relaxing exercise for evenings, such as yoga or pilates.

Aerial 4

Aerial Pilates at The Health Club

2. Keep caffeine to a minimum

Caffeine appears in fizzy drinks, tea and coffee hence why people use it to lift themselves when they need an energy boost. Avoid it for 6 hours before you hit the sack to aid a better night’s sleep. Equally, try to avoid meals 3 hours before bed to allow your stomach to digest everything properly.

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3. Lose the lights

And I’m not talking about making sure your lamps are low! Many of us are guilty for taking our phones and other devices into our bedroom and don’t realise that late night computer use can actually be bad for our health as the lights from the screens suppress melatonin, the chemical which helps us sleep. Apple now have a night shift mode on their mobile devices to restrict the blue light from the screens, but you’ll feel much better if you pick up a book instead!

iPad in bed

4. Pull your socks up

In the moments of falling to sleep, our extremities can become cold. If you keep your feet and hands warm you can improve your blood circulation and have a better sleep onset.

5. Routine

Get into a routine for waking up at the same time and going to bed at the same time each day. Being consistent with your body clock can have huge benefits – mainly that your body will release sleep hormones at the same time day in and day out, which will help make you feel even more sleepy!


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