Congratulations Andrew!

by Ribby Hall - 31st January 24

Spa Hotel Manager Andrew Scott was recently awarded a long service award at Ribby Hall Village’s annual staff celebration event.

Andrew is the longest-serving Ribby Hall Village employee, having started with the company 30 years ago this month.

As a youngster Andrew had worked with the late Bill Harrison at Marton Mere caravan site in Blackpool. In 1994 Bill bought a 100-acre parcel of land outside Wrea Green with the aim of developing a family holiday village. He asked Andrew if he would be interested in working at the new site.

Andrew said: “I was studying a degree in Business and Law and needed a part time job, so Mr Harrison asked if I would like to do some casual bar work which led to a door supervisor role at the on-site Celebrations nightclub which then led to me becoming the entertainment manager until 2010.”

Andrew’s enthusiasm and dedication to outstanding customer service set the bar high in those early days.

Andrew said: “I was an Elvis impersonator for many years and so I loved being able to fill the entertainment schedule with a number of acts working with a number of top agents at the time. I loved being able to serve our customers with a fun experience and providing the service for brides and grooms on the best day of their lives.”

Spa Hotel Opening Day

The Spa Hotel opening in 2011

The Spa Hotel opened its doors in 2011 boasting 42 rooms (now 38), a fine-dining restaurant and luxury spa facilities. Andrew was appointed Hotel Manager and was in charge of making this new venture for Ribby a success.

Andrew said: “We had to build credibility, deliver an outstanding food service, establish a new spa, recruit and train the right employees plus I was a new father at the time, so it was quite full on.”

After three decades Andrew’s commitment and passion for customer service still shines through.

“I think that if I create a positive and enthusiastic energy, it becomes contagious. We’ve all had horrific times in our lives, and that drives me to focus on the positives in life and when guests stay with us, they deserve a fantastic experience, which we all make sure they receive.”

He added”: Each morning, I drive into work listening to upbeat music to inspire me for the day ahead. My daily entrance into the Hotel is to positively impact as many people as I can in one day. By the time I drive out of the gate again, I hope that I have added value in my service to both guests and colleagues and have helped make someone else’s day a brighter one.”