by James Hutchinson - 25th April 16

Staying motivated towards a Fitness goal can, at times, be very difficult.

Have you ever laced your trainers up and put your jacket on, looked out the window, seen bouncing rain, and decided against it and got back on the couch with a cuppa? Remember the time when your 4:30am alarm went off in order for you to eat before your swim set at 6:30am, and you hit the off button and rolled back over?

Anyone training towards a goal will have been guilty of this at some point; I for one have been! Friends and family are great motivators when training towards your goals, but when it’s a matter of self-motivation, what can we do to get ourselves up?

Enter ‘Wearable technology’


Using wearable technology can spur you on for the last few lengths of your swim, or for the last few kilometres of your run. It allows you to track your progress from one workout to the next. For the more goal orientated/athlete type, it allows you to train to the correct intensities based on your heart, depending on whether you’re doing a recovery session or a hard sprints session.

There are many different Brands of wearable technology, varying from £30- £400+, but it all boils down to your usage. If you want a band that is going to tell you you’re calories burnt during a fitness class, then you won’t need to splash out on a top of the range triathlon watch that gives you heart rate, distance and swim stroke, all while separating each discipline for you, including transitions.

Technology is a great tool in keeping yourself motivated when training towards a goal. Whether it’s a watch, a fitness band, or an app on your phone, if you are looking for a little motivation, purchasing a fitness tracker/watch can do just that. The sense of achievement that comes with it too is great! Telling yourself you’ve run 50 miles in one week is one thing, but to see it written down is a whole different level of motivation!

TomTom GPS/heart rate watches are available in Activate Sports Store, ranging from £99-£230.s

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