Employee Sponsorship Matching

by Ribby Hall - 31st August 23

Each year we receive many requests from employees for sponsorship support for events that they are participating in to raise funding for a charity or organisation that is close to their hearts.

In an effort to manage this type of personal fundraising and to better support employees in these events and initiatives, we are introducing a Sponsorship Matching Fund.

In order to promote fairness and to support as many requests as possible we have agreed on the following criteria:

  1. All employees must follow the application process and must submit this prior to the date of the event so that this can be considered by the Charity Committee for approval. To begin the application process, please email charity@ribbyhall.co.uk
  2. The fundraising should be for a registered charity, or alternatively fundraising for local schools or children’s associations. However, no request will be rejected for any genuine fundraising purpose if the charity committee deems it to be appropriate.
  3. Sponsorship matching will be up to a maximum of £500 per event, and evidence of funds raised will be required before the funds are released, such as confirmation of  ‘Just-Giving’ donations.
  4. The maximum sponsorship matching figure may be revised upwards or downwards the following year depending on the number of applications received as it is the intention of the Company to support as many employees as possible.
  5.  The budget is limited, therefore once the funds have been allocated no more requests will be approved until the next financial year.

For further information and to apply for Sponsorship Matching, please email charity@ribbyhall.co.uk