72 hours at Ribby Hall Village

by Matthew Worthington - 6th June 17

Whether you’ve booked already or fancy a visit but haven’t tried us yet: here’s how a short break could pan out for you.




4pm – Welcome to The Village. Greeted by our friendly security team with a big smile on arrival, you park up and nip to Holiday Guest Reception where one of the front of house staff will happily tell you all there is to know about your stay and give you your welcome wallet which houses all the important info for your break! You head to your chosen accommodation: as there are 6 of you, you opted for a Sapphire cottage with a fabulous view of Fisherman’s Reach, our little fishing lake. That’ll be perfect for Grandad, you think, as he pulls his fishing equipment from the car.  And it was free too with this cottage choice! You could have used the facilities here all day today as it’s included with the cost of your holiday but the timing didn’t work like that this time as you were working this morning. You’ll remember it for next time though, you smile to yourself.

Fisherman's Reach

5pm – Get outdoors. You’ve been in the car most of the afternoon so you’re ready for a breath of that fresh Lancashire air! You head straight to our Woodland Trail and as you’re here during a seasonal break, you take part in our quiz! It’s been great to get out and about, as you have now got your bearings. You pass the Island with its climbing wall, the Par 3 golf and boating lake. You can’t believe the size of the Village! You spot some rather plush Pine Lodges with Hot Tubs and other large accommodation. Even some Holiday Homes! Now, that would be an idea. You can see yourself popping here often… You also wander past the Spa Hotel on your way and the Wild Discovery animal experience. Wow, there’s a lot to keep us busy here that’s for sure, you think to yourself.

6pm – Time to test the water. You’ve got a bit of time before dinner, so you head to the brand new swimming pool. The kids LOVE trying the new 48m interactive water slide and choosing what music they’d like to play as they ride down it! You notice there’s so much in there – saunas, steam room, feature showers, racer slides and the cutest themed splash area for little ones. You also learn that there is an adults only 25m pool round the other side which you vow to visit at some point during your stay. After a good swim, you head out of the Health Club area, via Starbucks for a coffee and snack to go. What a treat! Next door is a Papa John’s Pizza Store – that might be an idea for when we don’t fancy cooking, perhaps…


7.30pm – Dinners up. You’ve come prepared with your meals and are pleased that the kitchen in the cottage is fully equipped so you didn’t need to pack the kitchen sink! You spot a little bag with a few dishwasher tabs, dishcloths, bin bags and the like. That will come in handy, for sure! The only thing is, you’d forgotten the tomato sauce. It’s OK, Grandad pops to SPAR and grabs the missing bits before dinner is served. He also brings back a Dizzy Duck and Cyril Squirrel toy for the children. How kind! They are the Village mascots, so they’ll love those. Everyone tucks into their tea and you enjoy a vino watching everyone giggling and making memories as the sun goes down. You’ve only just got here and already feel right at home…




8am – Swim and Sea. After a quick free personal training session in the gym and splash in the 25m pool with your other half; you grab a brew in our Tea Room before heading back to the cottage to find Grandma and Grandad have got the kids up and ready for a day out. Seeing as you get discounted tickets for many local attractions, you decide to swing over to Blackpool to explore the area and discuss other plans for what you could do locally while here. The Ribble Valley isn’t far and is very beautiful or perhaps you could go to The Lake District.  Or maybe even some retail therapy in Manchester… So many choices…

Lake District

1pm – Activity central! You’ve been looking in your welcome wallet and whilst there are some great things to do indoors to keep you all entertained back at The Village, the weather is so nice, that you opt for outdoors things. The team at Holiday Guest Reception help you book some for tomorrow including archery but today you enjoy watching the kids play on the Playship while you have a glass of something cold on the Tapas Bar Terrace area – with a few nibbles of course. It smelt so good, you just could not resist!

4pm – Feel totally Zen! You can’t believe it… Your other half and your Dad have booked you and your Mum a surprise – afternoon tea at The Orangery and a 2 hour spa experience – the ‘Aqua Thermal Journey.’ After indulging in some tasty sandwiches, cakes and a cuppa, you slip into your robe and comfy footwear and work your way round the different heated rooms. You particularly like the outdoor hot tub and zen garden. Now, this is bliss. The guys take the kids off to the cycle hire so they can get some exercise in while you recharge your batteries!

Hot Tub Zen

6:30pm – That’s entertainment. After some R&R, you’re ready for a night with the family. You head to the Bar and Grill and enjoy dinner after the kids have some fun in the soft play area – what a great venue for a get together. There’s lots going on! The kids are enjoying dancing with the mascots and the DJ and UV party! What a laugh. They’ll sleep well tonight after all that!!  There’s a kids eat free meal deal that you’ll have to take advantage of at some point. You realise there’s time for you and your other half to have a bevy before bed in Harrison’s Bar. The football has been on, so you manage to catch the final result before some live jazz while your parents do babysitting duty!




10am – Sunday Funday! After breakfast outdoors on your patio furniture, you all head to enjoy your archery session! Before you know it, you’re playing crazy golf and diving into an ice cream at The Island.  You spot Activate –  the sports store – what a great idea to have a shop like that on site. You pick up a few fitness essentials – and a few not so essential, but very nice items of sportswear! Plus some designer sunnies… Just because!


2pm – Pizza Pizza. You opt for a takeaway from Papa John’s as a Sunday treat. There’s plenty of choice and you all dig in to pure pizza excellence in the comfort of your cottage in front of your flatscreen TV! You can’t believe you have to head home tomorrow…

3.30pm – Go Wild. After that hearty meal, you decide to walk it off! Your Mum and Dad decide to take some time to themselves with a look in the pretty Village Garden while you all head to Wild Discovery. You meet the farmyard animals, visit the exotics house and listen to some of the talks by the animal keeper.

Wild Discovery

6pm – BBQ time! You decide to purchase a disposable BBQ – why not, it’ll be fun and you’re on holiday. Dad is in his element. Out comes the apron and tongs – the master is about to do his work!!




11am – Morning check out. As you booked a Sapphire cottage, you benefitted from an extra 1 hour in your accommodation so you really enjoyed the lie in today and a restful breakfast before getting packed up and handing the keys back in. You’re not in any rush and are permitted to stay for the rest of the day with no problem so you think, why not!

11.30am – Outdoor adventurers. The kids want to try the other outdoor play areas so you agree to that and then you all discuss where you might like to eat lunch before you head off.

Play Ship

12.30pm – Ariba Ariba! The Tapas Bar and Restaurant is the eatery of choice – you fancy another taster of what they have to offer and the terrace is looking so inviting. You opt for sharing plates and dishes and enjoy the Mediterranean music that plays while you dine. As you have free Wifi across the Village, you chat about when you could come back and search availability on the website! As you get up to 25% off when you book within 30 days of departure, you don’t want to miss out. It’s not long before you’re booking to stay again. You make sure you tag yourself on Facebook as you’ve made some brilliant #RibbyMoments during your time here and want to show your friends where you have been.

2.30pm – A little market research! You want any excuse to come back – and as your friend is getting married soon, you go for a nosey of the Wedding and Conference facilities while your parents take the children for one last swim! As it’s school holidays, you’d used the fast track swim service to guarantee them entry on the last day.

4pm – It’s bye for now. As you make a move away from The Village, you give the security team a wave back. What a shame to be leaving – but it won’t be long til your next trip so that will keep you going. Roll on the next time… Best holiday ever!

Toddler Breaks

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