To find yourself, you have to lose yourself…

by Guest - 8th February 17

Guest Blog Post By: Katherine Kilpatrick, Accommodation Marketing Manager

Stop time.

Indulge in Me Time.

Re-connect at The Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall Village!

Set in more than 100 acres of beautiful Lancashire countryside, our unique property offers an idyllic location for you to take a breather from the blur of work and life and be transported to an oasis of calm.

It’s not new to suggest that people have become much busier. Or that the lines between work and play have become much more blurred. Or even, notice how we are more contactable than ever. And it goes without saying, it’s more difficult to switch off when all our devices are constantly switched on!

But why is bowing down to all things digital instead of prioritising all things human so bad for us?

It seems that as our devices have become smarter – which in turn, allow us to do the work for ourselves that other people would normally take on – we try take on the roles that other people would have played in time gone by. We are our own travel agents, comparing market places and searching for the best prices. We are our own assistants, diarising all appointments – but not only for ourselves, for our families and friends. We are salespeople using search engines to help us dissect pricing strategies and we barter as if we are experts in the field, demanding for a deal. We catch up with texts and emails in queues, we play games to distract ourselves from the norm and we take selfies instead of interesting views, when we could be taking in the moment.

Multitasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And is not really something we celebrate as a skill anymore as we all have become proficient! It’s tiring, it’s stressful and it can be rather empty. Once we have achieved one mini task, we are on to the next. Satisfaction generated is low. What happened to days gone by where if you rang someone, and they are busy, that they just simply didn’t answer – and got back to you when they were ready? God forbid, having to wonder to a phone box to make a call!

The trouble with multitasking I once read is that on top of all the anxiety that can be generated from the management of each activity, is that it is all associated with decision making. And put simply, too much of that can be bad for your brain.

Whether it’s an hour, a day or as an overnight stay – relaxation is in our nature.

At The Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall Village, we encourage you to be empowered to take some time for yourself. Whether it’s an hour, a day or as an overnight stay – relaxation is in our nature. Transport yourself to another zone – one where you can enjoy the simplicity of the moment. The place where time stands still.

Many of our guests choose to enjoy a spa treatment by one of our product houses or our signature Day Spa experience, the Aqua Thermal Journey – where mind and body are treated to all kinds of unique and tantalising treatments varying in temperature to detoxify, relax and revitalise. The new Zen Garden with outdoor hot tub forms the icing on the cake at the end of your time. Once you’re here though, we assure you that you’ll feel so at home, you’ll want to pull up a seat at our 2 AA Rosette restaurant, The Orangery where head chef Michael Noonan works his magic using local produce, (some grown on The Village where we are located) and then climb into one of our hotel rooms before falling to sleep in pure luxury.

When you arrive, you escape.

We can’t wait to welcome you soon!


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