All the mud – none of the mess!

by Guest - 19th September 18

Did you notice this week that the leaves are falling and whilst the sun is still making an occasional appearance so is the rain… and with rain comes mud. Mud glorious mud! At The Spa Hotel we have a very different take on MUD. What if we told you that mud can actually detoxify your skin and leave you feeling and looking much healthier… hear us out. We have a wonderful experience at The Spa Hotel called the Mud Rasul. Dating back over hundreds of years the Mud Rasul is of Arabic decent and uses mineral-rich mud to detoxify, cleanse your skin and ease muscle aches and pains. So if you are looking for something extra special to enhance your Spa day look no further!


What is the Mud Rasul?


We get asked this – a lot! So, let us walk you through it (no wellies required!). The Mud Rasul is a private, warm, sanctuary (think your own private steam room) just for you and up to four guests in total. Inside the Rasul you will find a selection of warm muds. All of the muds are 100% natural and ours are harvested from the glaciers of the Austrian Alps. Start by applying a Rasul salt to really exfoliate and prepare your skin. Shower until your feeling smooth and then rub the mud on to your skin (or each other’s) and leave it to do its work for approximately 15-20 minutes whilst steam is released in to the room to activate the detoxifying properties in the mud. Purifying rain will help you wash the mud away leaving you feeling clean, calm and pure and your skin exfoliated.

When should I Rasul?


The perfect time to use the Mud Rasul is after the Aqua Thermal Journey, just before you are due to go for a treatment but truthfully you can enjoy it any time!


Five reasons you should Rasul!


Detoxifies and cleanses

The properties in the 100% natural mud helps detoxify and cleanse your skin. The mud, steam, heat and water work together in what is often called a “cleansing ritual.” As you relax, the steam and heat will do it’s thing to extract toxins, impurities, grime and excess oil from the face and body. The mud is also great for hair too!


Primes you ready for treatments

The mud rasul cleanses, warms, relaxes and detoxifies your skin making it the perfect primer before a massage or body treatment.


Intimate or Fun

If you are looking for something romantic to do this is the perfect intimate treatment for two, or if you want something fun for friends turn it in to a mud fight and have a laugh in your own private chamber.


Free gift to take home

Once the treatment is done you receive a free Natural Spa Factory sample body lotion to take home with you.


Stimulates all five senses

The Mud Rasul is designed to target all five senses leaving you feel fully relaxed and revived.


The Mud Rasul can be enjoyed as an additional to any spa package for £30pp. To book please call us on 0800 085 1717 or visit for more information.