12 Days of Christmas & Beyond

by Guest - 18th January 17


Guest Blog Post By: Gemma Webster, Hypnotherapist, The Spa Hotel

If Christmas is the time for giving, New Year is the time for taking.

I don’t know about you…but December saw trolley rage, queue after queue, Christmas carols, over indulgence (too much Sherry & Chocolate), late nights, the wrap-a-thon, a last minute camel costume, 500 mince pies and a Christmas dinner that would even impress Delia. I had a fantastic Christmas and I am truly blessed, but with merriment & joy also come the pressure & stress, the hustle & bustle and quite often Christmas chaos.

Is there any wonder many of us enter 2017 feeling deflated and often quite frankly frazzled?

So, as the last of decorations are boxed away and the festive frenzy gives way to normality, I made the decision to take a few days off. As a therapist, a Mum and one busy lady, it is crucial for my own wellbeing and sense of sanity that I take time off for me. Time to revitalise and recharge before the New Year really gets underway.

I have practiced self hypnosis for around 10 years now – so hypnotherapy is always on the top of my list. But also yoga, foot massage, lovely Epsom salt baths and to be honest a large proportion of the time laying on the sofa looking of the window and listening to the rain: doing absolutely nothing. Bliss.

Everybody needs to take a little bit of something back after this ultra busy season. How on earth can we be expected to continue as the wonderful human beings that we are? (Let alone stick to those New resolutions) without a little self love, self indulgence and inner kindness. So after a few days out – I am back! Energised, oozing with positivity and completely focused on supporting clients in doing the same.

Hypnotherapy can help support you in your journey towards better health & wellbeing and a positive mind set.

When you decide it’s your turn for some professional rejuvenation, I am based at The Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall Village Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Whether it is relaxation, de-stressing and recharging or perhaps you will decide to make those overdue lifestyle changes once and for all? Hypnotherapy can help support you in your journey towards better health & wellbeing and a positive mind set.

It’s a funny old world. As I finished my two day regeneration, I received a wonderful email from a client who, after only three sessions last year has seen a real shift towards positivity. We all love thanks and praise, but I took this email as a sign that the world needs hypnotherapy and knowing what a difference I can make, not only returned that toasty Christmas glow, but stoked up that motivational fire for 2017.

The more you look after yourself, the more you can look after each other and I look forward to seeing you for some Calm & Contented Hypnotherapy soon.

Happy New Year & Best Wishes for 2017!