by Guest - 1st July 16

Pimms Cocktail

It’s a big sporting summer and with the attention now on Wimbledon, The Restaurant have devised two refreshing treats for you to try at home; Strawberry Debonaire and Strawberry Eton Mess.

Strawberry Debonaire by Adam Robinson

  • Place 4 hulled strawberries in bottom of the glass
  • Muddle these to a pulp using a muddler. You may have to stir through a fine mesh strainer from pulp build up.
  • Add the following: 40ml Strawberry Pimms, 20ml sloe gin, 10ml strawberry syrup, 20ml freshly squeezed lemon juice, 75ml cranberry juice
  • Add ice
  • Shake for roughly 8-10 seconds
  • Pour over freshly iced glass
  • Double strain to achieve a clean drink
  • Add slices of lemon, orange and strawberry and stir into drink
  • Top with prosecco or sparkling wine
  • Top with crushed ice
  • Garnish with strawberries and mint sprig


The quintessential English summer drink began popularity in the early 19th century with the Pimms No1 Cup, of which was favourable because of its ‘health tonic’ attributes containing a secret blend of spices and quinine.


Simon Ball’s Strawberry Eton Mess 

Strawberry Eton Mess

Pavlova Meringue

  • Egg whites 100g
  • Caster sugar 200g
  • Cornflour 10g


  • Pre heat oven to 100 degrees
  • Whisk egg whites to full volume for approximately 5 minutes
  • Slowly add 150g of the caster sugar until it looks glossy, then mix remaining with the cornflour and whisk in briefly on a slow speed
  • Pipe out onto silicone paper in small 50 pens piece size domes, sprinkle with freeze dried raspberries
  • Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until you can gently lift the meringue off the baking tray


Strawberry & Lime Sorbet

  • Strawberry puree 400g
  • Stock syrup 200g (equal quantities sugar and syrup)
  • Black pepper (pinch)
  • Limes – 2 juices
  • Mix all ingredients together and churn in an ice cream machine


Mascarpone & Vanilla Cream

  • Mascarpone cheese 150g
  • Vanilla pod – split and scraped
  • Icing sugar 30g
  • Gelatine leaf 1 soaked in cold water
  • Lime – 1 juiced
  • Gently melt gelatine leaf with lime juice
  • Add all remaining ingredients together and whisk thoroughly. Store in fridge to set.


Strawberry Sauce

  • Strawberry puree 300g
  • Caster sugar 100g
  • Pectin 2g
  • Bring puree and sugar to the boil
  • Add pectin and boil for one minute. Strain and cool


Strawberry & Lime Jelly

  • Strawberry puree 100g
  • Stock syrup 100g
  • Gelatine leaf 1 soaked in cold water
  • Lime 1 juiced
  • Gently melt gelatine with stock syrup, then gently mix all ingredients together and stir gently to remove air bubbles
  • Set in fridge in a small shallow dish
  • Once set cut into cubes


Strawberry Foam

  • Strawberry puree 100g
  • Hyfoamer 1g
  • Xanthan gum 0.2g
  • Whisk all ingredients together for 5 minutes until a light foam is achieved


To Serve

Swipe strawberry sauce onto the plate / slate and arrange the meringues evenly. Pipe mascarpone cream between the meringues and toss some fresh strawberries on top. Decorate the plate with the jelly, strawberry foam and a scoop of sorbet. Garnish with micro basil leaves and freeze dried strawberries.



Let us know if you have made these and enjoyed them as much as we did by commenting below.