On Your Bike

by James Hutchinson - 26th April 16

Cycling remains the third most popular sport in the UK. More than two million adults cycle regularly with more and more people taking up the sport each year.  


Sound Body, Sound Mind: We’ve all had those days at work where nothing seems to go right, or you feel a little more stressed than usual. Cycling releases endorphins which are feel-good hormones and makes us feel great! Maintaining an active lifestyle has been scientifically proven to increase a person’s ability to deal with stress.

Stronger Heart: Compared to someone who does very little physical activity, cycling can decrease the risk of heart diseases by 50%! Just 20 miles a week, or around 1-1.5 hours cycling a week, can drastically increase the strength of your heart.

Weight Loss: Cycling is a great way to stay trim, or to start you off on a weight loss journey. It is a very low impact sport, as the saddle takes all your body weight, not knee joints and ankles -it also gets your heart rate up into the fat burning intensities.

Social Aspects: Cycling can be a very social and inclusive sport. There are many cycling groups that have complete beginners to Tour De France wannabes in them that take regular rides out and have coffee shop breaks etc. A golden rule of most cycle clubs is they don’t leave anyone behind.  So give it a go and make some friends at the same time!

Sense of achievement: If I said to you go and cycle 25 miles, it would sound quite daunting if you’ve never cycled or are fairly new to it.  A person of average fitness will be able to ride 25 miles in around 2 hours. Even doing this once a week will reap huge health benefits -and bragging rights!

Cycling doesn’t have to be expensive.  You don’t need a £10,000 bike and £400 road shoes.   All you need is a bike, helmet, a pump, and away you go!  It really is that easy. We are really fortunate to live on the Fylde Coast with an abundance of beautiful scenery.

Best of all, if the weather isn’t great you can cycle indoors!  Spinning is a great cardio vascular workout with all the benefits of outdoor cycling; the only difference is it’s indoors.

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