Beginner’s Guide to Running

by James Hutchinson - 25th April 16

Get Kitted Out

You don’t need to invest in a lot of equipment for running, however a great pair of trainers are a must! Specialised running trainers are designed to make sure your foot is hitting the ground properly which will help avoid injuries. Activate Sports Store at Ribby Hall Village offers free gait analysis and is definitely the place to go to for the very best in running shoes and sports wear.


Make a Plan

Having a plan is crucial for beginners and it’s important to start off slow. Plot a 1-2 mile route and increase this a little each week. Your fitness will improve rapidly and you will be able to plan much longer runs. The Nike Running App uses your phones GPS and is a great tool to track your distance, pace and see how much you have improved.

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The Foam Roller is Your Best Friend

Yes, it is painful but s o beneficial! Foam Rolling helps to increase blood flow, decrease recovery time and reducing cellulite just to name a few. Five to ten minutes after a workout will make such a big difference to how you feel in the following days, especially when you first being running.

Stay Hydrated

Nothing hinders your run more than being dehydrated. The key is to make sure you drink enough water before you start your run, not during. Water comprises 75% of muscle tissue, so dehydration can lead to weakness and tight muscles! Drink 500-600ml of water about 45 minutes before your run to avoid dehydration during your workout. Make sure you rehydrate post run to keep your energy levels high.


Rest & Recovery

It’s important to realise that rest is key when it comes to running. With all the running in your week, recovery is crucial to get the best out of your training. Make sure you get eight hours of sleep a night and 2-3 rest days a week. Your body will thank you for it.

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